Learn more about the various services PCE Monarch can offer you.

  • Turn Key Solutions for facility/process upgrades, enhancements and energy conservation.

    • Paint Spraybooth, Oven, Pretreatment Facility Upgrades
    • Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emission control systems
    • Energy Savings Projects for Facilities and Processes
    • Climate/Environmental Control Systems for various facility applications
    • Fluid Delivery Systems

  • Monitoring and Control Systems for process air and fluid parameters, VOC emissions, air and fluid handling equipment. We provide engineering design, instrumentation and PLC/PC based monitoring and control systems for:

    • Process parameters: air velocities, humidity, temperature, fluid flows, viscosity, chemical parameters for demanding applications such as paint operations
    • VOC Emission Control systems for facilities
    • Real-time control systems for simple and multiple-input-multiple-output systems
    • Facility HVAC systems

  • Fluid Handling Systems from traditional applications to applications with stringent requirements such as sanitary, explosion proof, etc. We have design and turn-key solution experience with variety of materials such as paint, electrocoat, phosphate, glycol, sludge, industrial waste and compressed air. We provide engineering, bid package preparation and turn-key solutions for:

    • Paint Mix rooms, Tote delivery systems
    • Bulk Storage and Distribution systems for high use materials
    • Filtration and Centrifugal Separator systems
    • DI and RO Water Systems
    • Compressed Air Systems

  • Engineering Services’ portfolio is based on our experience of past thirty years in:

    • Preparation of Engineering bid packages for new facilities and upgrades
    • Health Assessment and feasibility study of facilities, equipment and processes
    • Air, Fluid, Compressed air delivery systems
    • 3-D Simulation & Animation of processes and facilities for training & maintenance
    • CAD Support

  • PCE Monarch has combined its 30 years experience and knowledge of Facilities and Processes with advanced animation techniques to create a powerful tool for training and maintenance.

  • PCE Monarch has a strong history in upgrading VOC abatement systems throughout North America with tasks ranging from complete mechanical and electrical control system rework to renovating and moving systems to facilities in another state. PCE Monarch has expanded the scope of our environmental technology practice to include system integration and new pollution control technology development.

Awards & Recognition

  • Nominated for Henry Ford Award for Enthalpy Controls Project for:

    • Enthalpy Controls Project
    • Automatic Paint Booth Balance Control System


    Heat Recovery Project at a Ford Assembly Plant partially funded by Consumer’s Energy

    Nominated for Minority Supplier of the Year – 2014

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