• PCE Monarch has a strong history in upgrading VOC abatement systems throughout North America with tasks ranging from complete mechanical and electrical control system rework to renovating and moving systems to facilities in another state. PCE Monarch has expanded the scope of our environmental technology practice to include system integration and new pollution control technology development.

    Rotary Concentrators

    Rotary concentrators have traditionally proven to be the best solution for absorbing dilute VOC emissions from process air exhausts. We have successfully implemented change of adsorption media from carbon to zeolite with direct desorption in lieu of indirect desorption which results in substantial energy savings. We have retrofitted existing concentrators with new adsorption media that has proven to be an energy efficient way of concentrating the VOC’s which works very well with new high boiling point, HAPS free paint solvents.

    Dynamometer Emissions Control Systems

    Engine dynamometers emit substantial hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions to the atmosphere. The historical brute force approach to abating these emissions has been to duct the emissions to large recuperative or regenerative thermal oxidizers, at the cost of pressure cross-talk from one test cell to another, huge energy consumption rates, and in the case of regenerative thermal oxidizers, substantial equipment footprints and structural loading. We have implemented catalytic oxidizers with electrical heat, which have advantages of energy savings, zero NOx generation and on demand start-up due to the short bring up time

    System Integration

    PCE Monarch’s system integration process is limited only by our client’s requirements. Breaking the mold of the end-of-pipe mentality, our process control and design experience allows us a broad perspective on feasible solutions to seamlessly integrate plant processes with environmental control technologies.

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Awards & Recognition

  • Nominated for Henry Ford Award for Enthalpy Controls Project for:

    • Enthalpy Controls Project
    • Automatic Paint Booth Balance Control System


    Heat Recovery Project at a Ford Assembly Plant partially funded by Consumer’s Energy

    Nominated for Minority Supplier of the Year – 2014

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