• PCE Monarch provides design and build for many types of fluid handling systems, ranging from traditional applications to more stringent requirements such as sanitary, explosion proof, high viscosity etc. We also provide turn-key solutions for such systems if the customer so desires. Our experience of past thirty years with different materials such as paint, electrocoat, acids, alkaline solutions, glycol, sludge water etc. has prepared us for the most challenging applications.

    Our expertise covers:
    • Baseline field evaluation of existing systems and requirements for proposed modifications.
    • Engineering calculations of requirements for process parameters such as flow, pressure, viscosity etc.
    • Design of storage, bulk delivery and blending systems.
    • Design and build mixing and temperature control systems.
    • Design of piping for delivery of the material.
    • Design of compressed air distribution systems.
    • System balance and final baseline of the system.
    • Visual aids for processes.


    Our experience of past thirty years includes:
    • Engineering design and bid package preparation for all processes in a new paint shop
    • Engineering design and bid package preparation coordinating with automation and spraybooth manufactures for introduction of new product in a paint shop.
    • Design of various paint mix rooms, tote delivery systems and paint delivery systems.
    • Paint Conditioning systems to satisfy stringent temperature demands while conserving energy.
    • DI and RO water generation systems for applications in phosphate, electrocoat and part washer applications.
    • Filtration and centrifugal separator systems for removal of a variety of solid contaminants in phosphate systems, part cleaners and washers.
    • Bulk storage and distribution systems for high use materials.
    • Updates to process specifications.

    We are a forward thinking engineering company and we invest in development of new technologies. We have a proprietary design for mixing of fluids with zero shear, thus preserving original properties of the fluids.
    We believe that there are ample opportunities for transfer-of-technology to apply this knowledge to other industries such as waste treatment, food and beverage industry, chemical industry and bulk material suppliers to various industries.

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Awards & Recognition

  • Nominated for Henry Ford Award for Enthalpy Controls Project for:

    • Enthalpy Controls Project
    • Automatic Paint Booth Balance Control System


    Heat Recovery Project at a Ford Assembly Plant partially funded by Consumer’s Energy

    Nominated for Minority Supplier of the Year – 2014

Contact Information

Corporate Headquarters
PCE Monarch, Inc.
1091 Center Rd. Suite 290
Auburn Hills, MI 48326 USA
(248) 340-1888 (phone)
(248) 340-1848 (fax)