• PCE Monarch provides control system and instrumentation solutions for the Automotive industry including:

    • Engineering Design for facility and process upgrades
    • Spraybooth upgrades
    • Energy Projects
    • VOC Abatement systems
    • Oven work
    • Compressed air

  • Optimization of Paint Curing Oven Airflows

    1. Due to heavier metal construction, low-level sills on a vehicle body were not reaching the specification temperature in the Radiant zones (1-4).
    2. Despite 100% output from the burner, Zone 5 is 10° F under the set-point temperature. Excessive natural gas usage.
    3. Oven imbalance; exit of oven has 10,000 CFM @ 351° F air and fumes spill out resulting in excessive heat losses and adding smoke to the work environment and increasing the gas usage.
    1. Repaired oven exit air seal, increased exhaust volume, oven is negative and is no longer spilling hot air and reduce gas usage.
    2. Modified sill duct, to increase the amount of heated fresh air on the low level door sills which increased the temperature rise and met the specifications.
    3. Extended zones 5 and 7 low-level supply nozzles to further increase the low level body temperature and insure proper cure.

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  • Paint Spray Booth Upgrades/Airflow Optimization


    In a US automotive plant:

    1. New application equipment requires lower downdraft velocities.
    2. Operation of both paint spraybooth needs to be optimized, as it pertains to the downdraft air velocities and other parameters.
    1. PCE Monarch performed a baseline evaluation of the existing operating conditions of both paint spray booths and the associated air handling equipment.
    2. PCE Monarch engineers identified opportunities for air volume reductions and equipment shutdown opportunities.
    3. PCE Monarch implemented the solutions as a turn-key project, with necessary mechanical upgrades (fan resheaving, scrubber and waterflow adjustment, filter arrangement, booth balance) and control changes (VFD’s, new control strategy, booth balance control).

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  • Energy Savings by Maintaining Fan Vibrations within Specs


    In industrial environment, it is a common observation that the equipment picks-up dirt, grime, grease and other particulate matter. This is more so with the air handling equipment associated with processes such as paint booths and ovens, dust collectors, stamping and welding operations, etc. As the blades of these fans get dirty, they start generating vibration of the entire fan system. Lack of scheduled cleaning can result in excessive vibrations and eventual fatigue failure of the equipment. Though, it is not a common knowledge that continuous vibration of equipment also comes at cost of excessive electricity consumption!


    At an automotive paint facility, we observed excessive vibrations on the fans associated with spraybooths. We added real-time vibration monitoring equipment on the spraybooth exhaust fans, as a tool for preventive and predictive maintenance. Data was monitored by the Human Machine Interface (HMI) with real-time and historical trending of vibrations as a tool to schedule cleaning of fans. Along with vibrations, we also monitored energy consumption by the fan motor.

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Awards & Recognition

  • Nominated for Henry Ford Award for Enthalpy Controls Project for:

    • Enthalpy Controls Project
    • Automatic Paint Booth Balance Control System


    Heat Recovery Project at a Ford Assembly Plant partially funded by Consumer’s Energy

    Nominated for Minority Supplier of the Year – 2014

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