• PCE Monarch provides solutions for real-time monitoring and control of industrial processes and facilities. Our control experience covers new systems as well as upgrades to existing systems. We can provide PLC and/or PC based monitoring and control systems. Our ability to provide these as turn-key solutions sets us apart from our competition. We work on a variety of PLC platforms as well as Human Machine Interface (HMI) software packages.

    Our Monitoring and Control System experience includes:
    • Monitoring and control systems for process parameters for paint sprabooths, ovens, paint delivery systems, etc. This includes instrumentation and control systems for process parameters such as air velocities, humidity, temperature, viscosity, fluid flows, fan parameters, and energy usage.
    • Real-time airflow control systems for paint spraybooths with our proprietary, high- accuracy instrumentation
    • Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emission control Systems.
    • Flame Safety equipment for burners.
    • Facility HVAC monitoring and scheduling.
    • Facility production, quality, throughput, downtime monitoring.

      As a control system integrator, we apply our thirty years of process experience to identify the parameters to monitor, select right instrumentation for monitoring of these parameters and implement effective control strategies to maintain these parameters within specifications. Furthermore, we apply the same process experience to analyze the data gathered and archived by the HMI system, to design predictive and preventive maintenance schedules. Anticipating the necessity for a visual tool for training of the workforce and maintenance of the machinery, we launched a new product, Visual Training and Maintenance AssistantVTMA that harnesses our knowledge of equipment, processes, and the computer technology that allows real-time, 3-dimensinal simulation/animation. We propose to augment functionality of the existing HMI systems by addition of VTMA as a tool for training and maintenance. Download Brochure

Awards & Recognition

  • Nominated for Henry Ford Award for Enthalpy Controls Project for:

    • Enthalpy Controls Project
    • Automatic Paint Booth Balance Control System


    Heat Recovery Project at a Ford Assembly Plant partially funded by Consumer’s Energy

    Nominated for Minority Supplier of the Year – 2014

Contact Information

Corporate Headquarters
PCE Monarch, Inc.
1091 Center Rd. Suite 290
Auburn Hills, MI 48326 USA
(248) 340-1888 (phone)
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